Sufi Masters

The journey into the unknown and unseen world of our soul needs one who has mastered this territory and has Divine permission to guide others. The true guide is a Master who knows the way and can guide a seeker to their destination.

They know the pitfalls and dangers and the path of safety.  Those who possess real wisdom can assist others in understanding the complexities of human existence and one's relationship to the infinite Universe.

The main indication of mastery is that when you sit with a master you feel a breeze of faith, spiritual pleasure. He does not speak except about God. He is always advising the good. You will benefit from being in his company as you benefit from his words. You will benefit when you are far from him as you benefit when you are near him.

"Pure hearts never carry bad intentions.
Pure hearts never carry jealousy.
Pure hearts never carry enmity.
Pure hearts never carry hatred.
Pure hearts never intend to harm others.
Pure hearts cannot be against each other.
Pure hearted people live only for their Lord.
Bad people do not live for their Lord.
They live for the sake of this world."
Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

Importance of finding a Shaykh

In the Sufi tradition, a spiritual guide is often known as a Shaykh. "The shaykh must be deeply imbued with the knowledge of the religion, externally and spiritually. He must inherit from the Prophet (pbuh) and all his predecessors the ability and blessing to guide the followers in the externals of the religion and its inner realities. He must be able to guide them according to their needs to the Divine Presence and the Presence of the Prophet." (Peace be upon him).

God said in the Holy Qur'an, "Fear God and accompany trustworthy people" [9:119] God's word is for all time, for every era and for every century. It is an ongoing order, from which we understand the importance of keeping company with the trustworthy. God orders all human beings to accompany them, because, by keeping their company, one will see how they live their lives, how they deal with people, how they address their companions, how they eat, how they sleep, how they worship. By accompanying them, one will learn all their good manners and their way of life.

Another way to understand this verse, is that one should accompany a trustworthy person, because to be trustworthy is very rare and not many people achieve it. Everyone, however, can find a trustworthy person and accompany him, in order to be guided.

 from The Naqshbandi Sufi Way